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I'm currently the CIO for Appleby College in Oakville (the best IT job in Canada). I've also had a great career in a number of other challenging positions.

I've lead a team of more than 100 staff at Sheridan College supporting a constituency of 50,000 users, I've been part of the founding team building a brand new medical school in Northern Ontario based completely around distributed education, I've started 3 companies, consulted internationally, drove my gorgeous wife crazy moving around all over, raised 2-1/2 great kids (I'll round it up when the final one leaves home), and am now looking at the world through an F2.8 lens...  The photo musings can be found on my Flickr stream http://www.flickr.com/photos/kwpashuk/

My craft is not IT, but building IT organizations that support challenging and new ways to do things.

I am utterly convinced that we as IT leadership need to dramatically change how IT is delivered, before we get relegated to a costly overhead department.

I look for every opportunity to talk about this... writing, speaking and now blogging.

In the midst of all this fun, I've had the distinction of being awarded the inaugural 2010 IT Leader of the Year (SME) Award from Computerworld Canada for my work at Appleby College.  I'm humbled by the honor and thankful that some of my ideas actually make sense to someone.
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CIO and Technology Related: @InvisiTech
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Blog: www.turningtechinvisible.com