What I'm Reading

These are the books on my bookshelf... the ones with bent pages and markings in the margins.  The ones I might own multiple copies of so I can lend one out.

These are the books that inspired me, challenged me, or made me go hmmnnn.

LinkedIn provides a great way to track your reading library.  I've added much of my library to the list there, which you can view here.  Sorry for asking you to click through. This is a lazy shortcut until I move my favourite books over to this page.

Please come back often.  I'll be working away at this for some time.  I have a lot of books. and I'll add to the list as I have time.

UPDATE: (02/09/2012)

Call me fickle, but it IS my blog.

Rather than a long list here, I've started the first of a number of posts called What's on My Bookshelf. I've pulled out the camera and took some snaps of the bookcase in my office, then wrote a brief description on each book that shows up in the shot.

The first installment can be found here.  Others will be added as I write them.

Links to these books are provided for your convenience. I am not endorsing any of the sellers.


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