10 Reasons why you should buy a RIM Playbook today.

For those of you who read my earlier post, you know where I stand on the issue. Hamsters give much better value and have a longer expected lifespan than any new technology. (Read the post to find out my real reason).

But that doesn't mean that I'm against the RIM Playbook, or any other technology (either the latest innovation, or the next "Me-Too!!!" tablet). I have enough gadgets to need a Batman utility belt when I go to meetings. We happen to have a lot of technology in my organization, and thanks to some visionary and creative people I get to work with and lead, we are well known in our sector as being leaders in the adoption of technology. So will we see a Playbook at Appleby College? Most likely.

Enough about me... let's talk about why you should buy a RIM playbook.

1. You NEED the latest and greatest technology. (I wish I had your bank account given how fast things change).

2. You are a Blackberry user, and this device will allow you to extend your capabilities (e.g. connecting to the web, videos, etc.) There's a special place in Heaven for people who are forced to browse the Internet on their BB.

3. You (or your team) supports a BES, or a BIS, and you need to keep your corporate email and BBM secure, so knowing how to do it would be a useful thing. If you have no idea what these acronyms are, you don't qualify for this point.

4. You've just dropped your iPad into a puddle, and are now looking for a replacement. Being an adventuresome sort, you are willing to try something new.

5. You Blog about technology, but weren't able to get one of the pre-release models.

6. Disclaimer: I was warned about mixing religion and technology, but here goes... You will buy whatever RIM says is important to buy because... just because. This behaviour is well known amongst other techno-faiths, and the BB following may be smaller, but is just as loyal.

7. You have a corporate BB and really want a tablet, but your IT department won't let anything else near their network.

8. You don't want to start wearing cargo pants to carry an iPad (some call them iPants). You much prefer tucking your tablet into your jacket pocket.

9. You are counter cultural and will buy one despite what all the reviewers have been saying. What do they know anyway?

10. You live in Waterloo.

So have fun today with your new tablet. Let me know how it goes.


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