Do you have MTPD?

Oh great!  Another thing to worry about.

I've just got used to dealing with my ADOS disorder (Attention Deficit... Oh! SHINY!!!) and now I have another issue.

I'm talking about MTPD (Multiple Twitter Personality Disorder).  It's a new disorder, and you won't likely find it in any medical encyclopedia, but just this morning I realized how pervasive it really is.

It started with a connection request from LinkedIn.  I realized the person contacting me was already a connection... but the profile of the new connection highlighted a different facet of his professional career.  A quick search on some other profiles indicated the start of a trend... that people may be using social medial tools much like we had different versions of a resume.  John Doe the lawyer, John Doe the social activist, John Doe the non profit board member, John Doe the family guy.

Image: Wikipedia

I'm guilty of this in my Twitter life. Like the mythical hydra, I have multiple online faces.  I have @21stCentSchool for my academic related tweeting, @InvisiTech for technology leadership related tweeting, @Synectics for my personal tweets, and even @Polysemaniac (which is new) for puns and other higher forms of humour.

I use LinkedIn for my professional network, and this blog as a public platform to share my IT related thoughts and musings in a format longer than 140 characters.

For those who take the time to follow my tweets, I do not feel that everything I think is germane to all, and so I segment.  I prefer this to those who give the whole shebang (work, life, politics, faith, etc.) under one Twitter account.

How about you?  Do you have MTPD?  Feel free to comment.


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