If you build it... Will they come?

It never ceases to amaze me that my colleagues in IT continue to quote Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams... using the famous quote to justify equipment expenses and installation of new technology. Invaribly, the new equipment is unused, or circumvented because it did not add value to the people charged with doing the work - those the technology was supposed to help.

From my experience in education, instructional technology will be abandoned at a near 100% rate if it is not reliable, confusing or requires the user to change how things are done. People will not change, or adopt new technology if there is not a personal benefit to doing so. Period.

The old maxim for a successful business has always been "Find a need, and fill it", is no less important for successful technology implementation. An IT project that cannot be tied to an identifiable business need (or strategy) should not be pursued.


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