Random thoughts for future postings.

Here are some thoughts around upcoming discussions on this blog (in no particular order). I've collected them here to capture some ideas.
- Technology should be "invisible" like oxygen. Extremely important for life, but people don't think about it until it's not there.
- How to get people to tell their story. Abandoning the traditional requirements gathering methodology.
- Feeding Geeks. Creating a high performance culture in your IT department
- Never say no, but learn to put a price tag on yes.
- Converting from an IT department to a professional services organization. Your very survival depends on it.
- Schmoozing 101
- People don't buy drills, they buy the ability to make a hole.
- Eating your own dog food. Live the life of your users.
- Technology cannot be prescriptive. Create an endpoint agnostic environment.
- The "Network" is the next killer app.
- Bandwidth / user requirements are skyrocketing. What will you do if everyone on your network connects at the same time?
- Starting at the top. Why technology needs to be fully integrated into your organizational strategic plan.
- How to get a seat at the leadership table.
- What's in it for me? Defining value to your executive and board.
- Sometimes (ok.. all the time) you can't make it on your own. Why you need partnerships.
- What is really core vs. peripheral to your services?
- More to come...


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